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Trends We’re Coveting Right Now

Earlier today we shared some snaps of our recent trip to Milan to visit the Salone del Mobile, the international furniture and trade fair attending by hundreds of thousands of industry professionals each year. It was certainly an eye-opener as a first time visitor and at times overwhelming with the sheer amount of information to take in. We returned to the studio with a suitcase filled with fresh and inspiring new catalogues, samples and contacts in the industry, as well as some fresh new inspiration and lots of energy to put some of the trends we spotted into action! We have scoured the net since returning to the studio and have put together our top 3 trends that we’re coveting right now, showing you how to make them work in your own homes and projects.


Not that stripes or lines of the vertical and horizontal nature are original by any means, but we have spotted more and more examples of primarily vertical lines in architecture, interior design (from materials to finishes) and textile design of late and we can’t help but be drawn in by the simplicity yet intricacy they bring to spaces and structures alike. Clean, contemporary and striking, it’s incredible how a vertical collection of lines can elevate a space. We had already been applying this inspiration to several projects, but here is a collection of examples that are totally floating our boats right now.

Make it work | LINES

We love seeing the tree applied to architecture, particularly facades, in alternating directions and thicknesses of lines. In the home, we are loving lines coming through in panelling – which is back in full force after some three decades in the shadows – and bespoke kitchen and storage certainly benefits from some vertical lineage, particularly when carpeted from warm oak and other woods. We have also seen gorgeous lined tiling lately (see detail shot in the above moddboard) that we’re dying to use in a bathroom or hallway. Down to the finer details, we are loving classic striped bed linens as well as lines being translated onto surface pattern design for textiles and even ceramics. 


Marble has seen a big comeback in interiors in the last year or two and it continues to be a strong material for anything from homewares and accessories, to furniture and architecture. It is a beautiful, natural material that has equal doses of classic and contemporary sensibilities and therefore is extremely versatile. But what we were particularly noticing is a comeback of different marble types and particularly colours, reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. Think emerald green marbles, varying shades of brown (our favourite) and striking black. We are seeing designers, architects and brands making more daring decisions with marble and are excited to veer away from the white and Carrera marble that has been so outrageously popular in recent times and explore new variations in upcoming projects. The possibilities truly are endless!

Make it work | Marble

We are seeing marble continue to be popular in kitchens – counter tops and backsplashes – but striking new colours with bold structures also lend themselves beautifully to bathrooms (all surfaces are fine with us), furniture and accessories for the home. We are loving mixed types and colours of marble as floor surface – bring on a client bold enough to commission that, we say!


It would be safe to say that Grey Moss is the Avenue Colour of The Year, since it has made an appearance in many a project since the start of this year. We have used it in a kitchen project recently, a dining room styling concept, contemporary interior design project, and you’ll have spotted it as the backdrop to our studio moodboard too. It’s a soothing shade that is easy to incorporate into pretty much any colour palette and apparently it’s not just us that thinks this. We have spotted this grey-green shade so many times lately it would be a crime not to share our favourite examples!

Make it work | Grey Moss

This colour is literally perfect for any space – bedroom (calm and soothing), entry and hall (warm and inviting), kitchen (cosy and different), dining room (striking and embracing) and yet while it is distinct and unmissable, it’s a very neutral shade. For clients who love a neutral interior and might be of the colour-phone variety, this shade is a winner because it perfectly bridges the gap between neutral and colour and in our opinion is fail safe. Paint an entire room in it, we promise it won’t impose, create a feature wall with this lovely hue, splash it all over the exterior of your house or bring it in through your accessories and art. We can’t get enough.

So those are three trends we are currently coveting inspired by our recent trip to Milan! Any of these your favourite?

We’ll be back soon to share a beautiful country house we recently photographed, which we think you’ll love!

H & H

Image credits: Mood board LINES ( clockwise from top left ) 1: Design Porcelain tiles by Fossil 2: Staircase design by 31/44 architects 3: DIY Scarf by Almost makes perfect 4: outside wall design by Arch Daily 5: Wall design from Arch Daily. Credits individual pictures LINES 1: Exterior black & white 2: Bedroom design by Kannustalo 3: Kitchen view source unknown 4 : Kitchen design by Rolies & Dubois 5: Wooden exterior by Bernado Bader architects 6: Bathroom design by architect Prineas | Mood board MARBLE ( clockwise from top left ) 1; Floor pictured by Alice Lane Home Collection 2; Side Tables from Ferm Living 3; Scandinavian kitchen captured by Erik Lefvander 4; Bathroom created by Badrumsdrommar. Credits individual pictures: MARBLE 1: Huntershill house by Handelsmann & Kahw  2: Kitchen design by Dinstudio 3: Courtyard garden designed by Katty Schiebeck 4: Marble plates by Country road 5: Kitchen design by Bo Bedre | Mood board MOSS GREY (clockwise from top left) 1; Ceramic cups by Kirstie van Noort 2; Materials by studio Peppe 3; Mingus by Cecilie Manz 4; Collage painting by Fran Skiles  Credits individual pictures MOSS GREY 1: Dining table photographed by Emily Laye 2: Kitchen/ dining room designed by Liljencrantz Design  3: Bedroom view styled by Grandpa x Alcro 4: Exterior patio home of Pamela Shamshiri. 

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