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Lovely House in Sloping Lot with Beautiful Balconies

In this lovely house built on a sloping lot, there’s an open-plan space for the living room, lots of decks and balconies around the house, and two beautiful bedrooms with the most amazing views from huge glass windows.

It’s a challenge to build in a sloping lot, but you can use that to your advantage by putting balconies so you can best admire the view. Perfect for relaxation, you can opt to use as many sliding doors as you can to create the illusion of being one with nature.

This home also uses mostly green tones to keep it as close to being with nature as possible.

Modern Home with Lots of Balconies

This house takes advantage of the sloping lot by using that space to create lots of balconies that look out to the nice views. Make sure to keep the surrounding grounds clean and filled with plants at strategic spots.

A modern home, it was built with concrete, lots of glass windows and sliding doors, and beautiful decks or balconies made of wood. There’s even a jacuzzi with stunning views close to one of the balconies.

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