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Big Changes for Little Budgets

When both your budget and available space are limited, you’ve got to get creative about which home renovations to choose.

Because of their physical restrictions, tiny homes force you to rethink the way you approach interior design in everything from furniture placement to ambiance.

Tiny homes may be practical, but the inside can be difficult to choreograph when you lack experience. Every interior decision needs to be thought through carefully, otherwise, you risk the chaos and clutter of a regular home, which is probably what you’re trying to avoid.

Fortunately, a tiny house can serve as the perfect canvas for frequent, small-scale changes that elevate the atmosphere and maybe even create more space for you to enjoy. Here are eight inspired renovation ideas that will fit into your home and budget with ease.

1. New light fixtures

If you’re looking for an impactful yet affordable way to transform your tiny home, lighting is a good place to start. Getting new light bulbs, shades, and fixtures can not only make your home look fresher and more polished, but it will give you more control over the ambiance of your space.

Soft wattage is a great option to go with, as it adds a warm, soothing glow to any room. As for the shades, earth tones and rounded shapes can both contribute to a comfortable home atmosphere.

2. Under-the-bed storage unit

It’s no surprise that tiny homes can be a bit cramped from time to time, especially if you are living with more than one other person. An under-the-bed storage unit can help overcome this problem while adding a compact, clean feel to your bedroom environment.

This can be done in a pretty DIY way, or you can hire professionals to install them for you. Drawers work best as under-bed storage units and guarantee silent, easy access to your stored goods for when you really need them.

Clutter tends to be a recurring problem amongst tiny home dwellers, but that needn’t be the case for you. With some clever storage renovations and a commitment to the organization, keeping your little home feeling tidy and fresh will come easy.

3. Install a mirror

Mirror installations have long been used as natural extenders of space. By reflecting on what’s around them, mirrors can dramatically increase the sense of spaciousness you feel in even the smallest of spaces. They are also fairly affordable and easy to install yourself if you’ve got the tools.

You could turn an entire wall into a mirror if you liked, or simply add an upper-body-sized one to your bedroom or bathroom wall. Go big, or go home.

4. Cupboard doors

Both kitchen and cupboard doors are the type of thing that tends to be an afterthought, and once installed, often remain as they are for years. That’s why renovating them can give you the transformation you seek without ripping out the floorboards or busting down walls.

You could go all the way and get completely new cupboards installed, or you could settle for a nice fresh coat of paint. Either option will give your home the upliftment it needs to feel bigger, better, and more comfortable.

5. Fresh paint

While we’re on the topic of paint, let’s not stop with cupboards. You can paint just about anything in your tiny home for a peppy reboot that delivers the change that you seek. Walls are an obvious choice and for good reason. Repainting your walls can give your home a complete makeover; you just need to pick the right color.

At the moment, there’s a global preference for neutral, minimal tones, but you needn’t limit yourself. Trying out something different and exciting like duck egg blue or a muted ochre can instill freshness and uniqueness that both you and your guests will adore.

Fresh paint is a simple, easy, and affordable way to add value and individuality to a small space. And the best part? If you don’t like it in a few years (or even months), change is just a few brush strokes away.

6. Tile your kitchen walls

If you’re not a big paint fan or are looking for something more tactile, tiling the kitchen walls could be a great way to spice up the inside of your home. Tiles are a huge trend in 2022, so finding a set that suits your style shouldn’t be hard, and the impact it can have on your kitchen is well worth the hunt.

You can find kitchen wall tiles in a variety of different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles, which gives you more flexibility around the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. Even a small rectangular assortment of tiles looks great above a sink or as a splashback behind the stove. You needn’t cover every inch of wall space to appreciate the change.

7. Door and cupboard handles

Handles can get grimy over time, and replacing them every few years is a great idea even from a practical perspective. But from a stylistic perspective, they can also be useful for adding charm, consistency, and uniqueness to your tiny home.

A great handle is underrated but they make your life easier and can look fantastic when you pick the right ones. Getting a set of door handles to stick on bedroom, bathroom, and large cupboard doors will bring a breath of fresh air into the space, and make you feel more secure at every closing.

In 2022, people seem to be reaching for contemporary, wooden, and nouveau styles for their cupboards and door handles. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to pick what you like best.

8. Don’t Move, Improve

Choosing to stay and renovate over moving to a new place can save you money, time, and energy.

Even if you live in a home that can be challenging sometimes in terms of space, there’s no reason why you can’t create the tiny home of your dreams by staying right where you are.

With these tips for easy, affordable, and small-scale home improvement, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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