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A Few Tips To Help Make Living Tiny Long Term Actually Doable

To make Tiny House Living practical for the long term, here is a few things we have learned over the years:

Be practical in the space you need, size is subjective and everyone has different needs, wants, and family sizes.

Will you travel with it? The reality is that over 99% of our customers don’t travel with their tiny houses, they travel because of it. That’s the case with us as well, We never intended to travel with our tiny house but the freedom it created has been priceless. When you don’t travel often it may even be a good reason to opt for a 10ft wide tiny house as well.

Don’t worry about buying that big ole truck to move your tiny house, you can easily hire a shipper to have your home moved whenever you need to. We can help with that when you need it. The plus is that even though you may be very experienced as towing large trailers it’s nice not to have to stress about it.

You don’t have to have everything right away exactly how you want it like solar and full off-grid capabilities. You can add those later, even things like solid hardwood floors or nice kitchen cabinets. Many things can change and adapt to your needs as you live in the space. When we built our home, our budget didn’t allow for everything we wanted, but we made sure the “bones” were how we wanted it, i.e. windows, doors, design of the exterior, etc. Things like siding, interior finishes, kitchen, floors we have all changed over the past 6 years living tiny.

Windows windows windows, don’t forget them, it’s nice to have storage space but nothing beats the natural light a lot of windows can bring, it helps bring the outside in and opens up your tiny space to feel much larger than it is.

Add more electrical outlets that you think you need.

These are just a few tips for today, do you have tips you would like to add?

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