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5 amazing shipping container homes!

Experimental architecture is a bold and exciting movement and we've been seeing some fantastic results, with one of our favorites being shipping container houses! You read that right! Talented architects have been taking used shipping containers and using them to create amazing, spacious and ingenious homes, which in this day and age where housing prices are soaring, can only be a good thing! Offering a funky yet affordable solution to the question of 'how can I get on the housing ladder', what we've been most impressed by is how visually appealing these homes are. They don't simply look like they are located in a quiet corner of a dock, but instead, have a really unique and homely feel. Don't believe us? Then come and take a look for yourself!

1. You wouldn't even know!

From this angle, we think you'd be hard pressed to actually recognise that this was once a shipping container. The stunning location, easy integration with wood cladding and beautiful windows are all such fantastic masking elements, but we know the truth and we love it! The proportions are just so generous, which is why there are three bedrooms contained within!

1. From another angle.

Moving around this shipping container home, you get more of a feel for the raw material, as the house in its entirety, forms an L-shape and maintains the stark angles of these sturdy crates. With modern glazing, a terrace and simply stunning exterior cladding though, this really could just be another contemporary build!

2. Strangely beautiful!

Nestled in the hills of Korea lies this wondrous little piece of modern architecture and we are in love with it! Comprising of three containers, the way they have been stacked has allowed for the creation of a covered terrace and there is such an honesty about this home that we can't look away! There's no hiding the containers behind wood, as the original crate colors are loud and proud!

2. Economical living.

Finding ways and means to live economically is a real focus in Korea, so it makes perfect sense that it is leading the charge in terms of these wonderful homes. A fresh and bright modern kitchen, storage and luxurious bedrooms are all found within, so are you tempted yet?

3. Taking things up a notch!

This home shows you that there are no limits as to the size and style of shipping container home that you can build, as long as you have the requisite permission and own enough land! Large, black and wonderfully opulent, we love all the extra details here, such as a rooftop terrace and a covered patio area.

3. Come on in.

If you were wondering what kind of entrance you could expect in a shipping container home, then here you go! Looking every inch the modern, welcoming and beautifully finished front door, this angle shows that no mod cons or luxuries have been negated, it's just that the outer shell of the home cost far less than standard builds! We're sold!

4. Neat and petite.

This is such a sweet little container home, don't you think? Perfect for a single or perhaps a very comfortable couple, there is everything you need and want, contained within these two small containers! An open-plan ground floor houses the kitchen, bathroom, dining and living spaces, while upstairs is a fabulous bedroom that opens out onto a rooftop terrace. Impressed yet?

4. The killer blow!

If you were starting to come around to the idea of a container home, we think this might sway you completely! Open up the traditional crate doors and you find this delightful little hidden laundry room! We have seen standard houses that don't have a laundry room and this one is ideal, as you can go straight from the machine to the drying line, without wasting any precious sunshine!

5. Next level design.

There's container homes and then there is THIS container home! Finished in a beautiful color, this really is more modern art than architecture and when you discover that it has amazing eco-credentials, we know you'll be genuinely interested in finding out more! But wait, it has another surprise up its sleeve!

5. An extra extension.

Talk about a home that has everything! An extra container has been brought in to act as a lovely self-contained home office that is chock full of mod cons and home comforts! It makes us think about how easy it much be to extend and grow these homes too. Now that's a really exciting notion!

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