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This Roof Window Can Transform Into a Small Balcony

Danish window company Velux has designed a roof window that opens up and transforms into a small balcony. The Velux Cabrio brings the outside world into loft and attic spaces with a design that can go from balcony to closed window in the same time it takes to open/close a traditional window.

The window comes in various finishes and offers an interesting alternative to ‘dormers’. The integrated bannister railings automatically appear when the lower window is opened and the system could even be used as an emergency fire exit. The window opens in two sections so if you just wanted to let in fresh air without the balcony you could just open the top part of the window as well.

The roof window balcony system will only work in roof pitches between 35 and 53 degrees. For more product information and specs check out the official Velux site.

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