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Bronze Age furniture

This skeletal furniture by Dutch design studio Tjep. is made from bronze in an effort to create a collection of objects "totally opposite to the technology-driven trends" in design.

Led by studio founder Frank Tjepkema, Tjep. designed a series of spindly hand-crafted furniture pieces in bronze; "the material that represents the dawn of civilisation".

"For this project I wanted to create something totally opposite to the technology-driven trends based on the emergence of new digital tools such as 3D printing," said Tjepkema.

"I like the idea that bronze is precious and is therefore implicitly sustainable, it is either preserved or remelted but never discarded, who knows maybe these pieces contain a couple of remelted ancient bronze swords!"

The Bronze Age collection follows on from the studio's 2011 Recession Chair – a mass-produced Ikea chair reduced in part to a skeletal shape to evoke the receding state of the global economy.

Tjep. created a new version of this chair in bronze, with the original form in the patinated green condition of the material and the pared back section in its shiny metallic state.

Other seats in the collection are made entirely in the emaciated style. These include an arm chair, a dining chair, a lounge chair and a chaise long.

Each features thin elements that vary in thickness along their lengths and larger uneven surfaces that distort reflections.

The collection was exhibited in the ballroom of the Colloredo Mansfeld Palace during Designblok Prague, which took place last week.

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