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Urban Rooftop Bars

Taller David Dana Arquitectura have designed the Balmori Rooftop Bar in Mexico City.

The creative process for this Project experienced multiple design facets in many different levels.The evolution from Schematic Design to Construction Documents was built based on a deductive process of clever decision making.

Balmori Rooftop Bar is a project that was born from the necessity of public open space in Roma Norte. The site has unique potentials; it is one of the few rooftop bars in the city & the only one with 300 square meters.

Balmori was design with the objective of creating an innovative youthful space which would offer an opportunity for disconnection from the Urban Mass. In the era of technology & globalization, this particles of cities become the lungs of the metropolis.

The design overlaps landscape, graphic design, furniture design and architecture.

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