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Transparent Forest Home

A Transparent Forest Home at Rupanco Lake

This amazing transparent house overlooking Rupanco Lake, Puyehue in Chile is by Squella Arquitectos.

The house truly blends so well into the surrounding trees so as to disappear entirely.

The roof of the house is entirely constructed of 4′ X 8′ plywood, and the posts separating the glass is similarly, just 4″ X 8″ posts.

The extremely transparent design makes you feel that you are simply sheltering in a forest glad by the lake.

Add to the transparency the extremely elevated ceiling, as if a canopy of trees is all there is far overhead.

With the glazing extending all the way up, the sky is your constant companion.

The extremely minimal furnishings add to the sense that you are not really in a house.

This is the dining table, barely interrupting the forest.

From here you are looking right through the living room.

At the far end, the simplest of wood stores blends in with the vertical quality of the posts and the slender tree trunks outside.

Not shown, but seen in the plan, is a master bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms housing four children upstairs, above the kitchen.

The side wall of the childrens’ bedrooms can be seen above the kitchen on the left, revealing that this partial second floor is inset above the kitchen, so the upstairs portion is all within the large glass cube.

An extremely bold and well executed plan.

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