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Prefabricated Buildings / Units - Shelters

The prefabricated panel buildings-units/shelters can serve all types of temporary site camp requirements including accommodation facilities, offices, kitchen and dining buildings, recreation facilities, laundry, labour quarters, dormitories and relief housing facilities. All units are produced as high quality and fast erected modular units through advanced solutions and technologies with total quality concept based on unlimited customer satisfaction with full support services at every level. All prefabricated panel buildings have minimum life expectancy of 10 years. As an advantage of their particular features, buildings, which may be disassembled, carried and erected elsewhere several times, are the best to face emergency conditions or situations requiring temporary solutions. All prefabricated panel buildings can be designed as single, double or triple storeys.


Materials used are suitable for use in extreme weather conditions, including high humidity; seasonal and diurnal temperature variations and large volumes of wind drive sand. The exterior walls of the units are prefabricated self-bearing composite panels from continuous CNC line with mineral wool core and coil coated galvanized steel exterior skin. The composite panels have been engineered to eliminate cold bridging. Factory produced composite panel systems ensure excellent quality for high standards of structural, thermal and acoustic integrity and environmental comfort.


  • Asbestos or any hazardous materials are not used

  • Contains materials that can be reused.

  • Eco-friendly


  • Military camps

  • Site camps

  • Rig camps

  • Accomodation units

  • Office complex

  • Schools

  • Basic medical centers

  • First aid units

  • Sport centers

  • Kitchen and dining halls

  • Restaurants

  • Dormitories

  • Social complex

  • Laundry units

  • Toilets and cleaning units

  • Cold rooms

  • Recreation rooms

  • Disaster relief building

  • Hostels

  • Living areas

  • Sports complexes

  • Fully-welded units


  • Ideal for temporary construction requirements.

  • Ensures fast construction easiness.

  • Portable and can be rebuilt several times elsewhere.

  • Minimum 10 years lifespan.

  • The materials used are suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

  • Excellent quality thermal structure and acoustic integrity ensures high standards

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