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With a wide choice in colour and texture, there are no limits to what you can create with ION Architecture facade options . From modern metallic, to traditional timber finishes. We've combined style and performance to offer you the complete facade solution.

Ceramic Granite

Ceramic Granite provides an attractive solution available in a wide choice of colours in veined or grained variations that replicate the appearance of granite and marble.



• A patented manufacturing process achieves individual veining on the tiles replicating quarried stone.

• Free from fissures and flaws.

• Ceramic Granite is highly resistant to moisture and frost.

• Loadings on the substrate and building exterior are reduced in comparison with naturally quarried stone.

• Ceramic Granite is completely resistant to light and UV radiation.

• Ceramic Granite is highly resistant to algae growth and does not accumulate dust.

• Mechanically stronger than any natural stone.

• Impervious to effects of most acid and alkaline.

• Completely inert.

• Individual modules can be removed and replaced as necessary.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is the ideal choice for creating a contemporary, stylish facade. Tiles are available in a large range of surfaces and sizes to support endless design possibilities.

6098_021460 x 249 (1).jpg


• Offers design flexibility, i.e. profiled faces and a variety

of module sizes.

• Fast and simple installation.

• Secret-fix only, individual tiles clip onto the railing system.

• Available with HT surface coating.

• Frost proof.

• Light and colour-fast, resistant to UV light.

• Low water absorption (3% < E > 6%).

• Superior resistance to aggressive environmental effects.

Fibre Cement

An exceptional range of fibre cement façades in a variety of natural textures and expressive surfaces.

image 3.jpg


• Smooth, granular or matt surfaces.

• A wide range of colour options, including natural shades

and through colours.

• Excellent weather resistance.

• Resistant to insects, mould growth and fungi.

• Frost proof.

• BBA certified.

• Anti-graffiti and UV coatings are available.

• Natural and renewable non-directional façade finish.

• BRE A+ rated.


A colourful range of architectural facades that not only look beautiful, but are extremely robust and durable.

trespa image 3.jpg


• Versatile facade solution.

• Weather and colour stable when tested to EN 438-2: 29.

• Very high resistance to impact damage.

• Face fix and secret fix facade options.

• Low maintenance and easy to clean.

• BBA certified.

• Resistant to moisture, mold and no edge treatment is required.

• PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

certified products are available.


ION timber provides a natural look to your building with warm colours and textures.

timber image 3 460 x 249.jpg


• Sourced from sustainable forests with PEFC or FSC

(Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

• Available in translucent and opaque coatings on a wide variety

of timber substrates.

• A variety of profiles are available in each wood type.

• Retains natural strength and beauty.

• Environmentally compatible, 100% recyclable and

naturally renewable.

• Naturally durable and easily repairable, without any requirement for

additional preservatives.

• Additional treatments are available - fire retardant impregnated

treatments*,thermally modified options and factory coatings

can be applied in controlled conditions.

• Lightweight, naturally warm material.

• Available in a wide range of styles, finishes and designs.

* Fire retardants can only be applied currently to Siberian Larch,

Thermowood and Western Red Cedar to Euro Class 'B' & 'C'

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