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Fireplace Ideas

Placing emphasis upon the tile design is the major aspect of 2014. Keeps the mantel simple however contrasting the armchair upholstery with the fireplace accessories like similar shade candles or a brilliant painting!


When you have a simplistic and unadorned fireplace; then one-inch glass mosaic tile around the fireplace could be an amazing way to embellish the living rooms beauty. Contrast the mosaic tiles palette with the curtains, rugs and upholstery of armchairs.


The all-in-one elegance of hybrid furniture fireplace is an elegant stroke to add to your room; with its wooden tiled base and glass covering. Your 2014 fireplaces could achieve the timeless elegance and brilliance with the addition of famous orbital basket infernos.


For you patio or indoors you could install a suspended Babylon Fireplace that could be colored the brightest way possible and be placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.


Remove the conventional fireplaces idea from your options and avail the brilliant wire framed fireplace which could be placed even in your modern because its diverse nature could complement any fixture and theme.


If you are already abiding by the 2014 designs then you would better be aware of the minimalism theme that you should follow in order to keep up with trends.


Your black and white apartment that is featured by glass windows on every side could be incorporated with hanging fireplaces above sofas which would look extremely modern and sleek.


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