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Small And Beautiful House

A small and beautiful house is a reflection of an efficiency wrapped in a simplicity represented by the housing necessity. That’s why a small house is sometimes becomes an ideal choice for the modern people due to its practicality.

However, given the space limitation, many homeowners are confused to design and arrange the layout of the small house to be a small and beautiful house. This is quite a simple problem to be solved if we know the right ways to overcome the space limitation. So, don’t be discouraged to have a small house, because having a small house doesn’t mean that you can’t have a quality comfort in your house.

You certainly can present the beautiful, comfortable, and spacious impression in your own small house by applying these tips below :

1. Optimize the empty space as efficiently as possible

You can optimize the empty spaces in the corners or under the stairs of your small and beautiful house as a storage place or. For example, under the stairs, you can convert it as a storage space to store any kind of housing tools that you often use everyday, such as garden tools, builder tools, shoe racks, etc.., But avoid piling stuff, so that the room will look neat and solid.

2. Create a good lighting system

You can use two kinds of the lamps as the main lighting of your small and beautiful house; the neon and bulb. The bulb which emits yellow light will give the impression of a warm, fresh, natural and romantic. While the neon which generates white lights will give a formal, cool, spacious, and friendly effect to a room.

3. The window positioning and the glass selection.

The window positioning and the glass selection are also very important in creating a more spacious impression of a small and beautiful house. Avoid using large windows and the glass adorned with too many motives. It’s recommended to position the window, during the house construction process, at the right position where sunlight can freely enter and also can help the air circulation.

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